Classical Underground looks above ground — and it’s a mess! 1

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painting by Adam Miller
As part of its holistic approach to the arts (“In Art We Trust,” its tagline), the informal classical music showcase, Classical Underground, now in its sixth season, features the work of visual artists. November’s concert highlights a neo-realist painting that resonates — much as we wish it didn’t. The work, Among The Ruins by New ...

Midori, humble page turner 2

midori, page turner-sm
[click photo to find Midori] The bohemian-style classical music series, Classical Underground, offered a rich roster of Brahms, Rachmaninoff, Piazzolla and Mozart Monday evening at the funky-junky art atelier of Alexey Steele and Olga Vlasova. The two music mavens, soon to be the parents of twins, host the five-year-running series at their marvelous artist digs, ...

Classical Underground rocks

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Clamor filled the central-Los Angeles industrial loft last Thursday evening, when the Russian expatriate painter, Alexey Steele, and his wife Olga opened their funky-junky, atelier-style home to the music lovers of Los Angeles. Amidst a clutter of books, art supplies, burning candles, and oversized classical paintings, propped onto surfaces or hanging from walls, habitués of ...