Fred Astaire, pianist

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On this Labor Day weekend 2014, let’s let Fred Astaire, pianist (and, oh yes, dancer), do all the work!

Enjoy this incredible Fred-on-piano clip from LET’S DANCE (1950). Love Fred’s little ballet barre opening the number … then he gives a whirlwind “site-specific” dance tour of two pianos!

Our thanks to Hollywood dance historian Larry Billman for bringing this great number to our attention.

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Direct from Havana! Irene Rodriguez Spanish dance @ MOLAA

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I would travel great distances to see authentic African, Indonesian and certainly, Cuban dancers; that’s the way I roll nowadays. I’m a relative latecomer, but an avid one, to authentic ethnic dance. An unusual dance offering this weekend in an equally unusual venue: Havana-based Compañia Irene Rodriguez will perform Spanish dance at Long Beach’s Museum of Latin American Art.

MOLAA_Cuban-2We’re going. How else can we taste the flavor of a great dance culture given our nation’s foreign policy that isolates Cuban artists?

According to the presenter, Rodriguez is among Cuba’s most prominent dancer/ choreographers, in 2012 taking first prize in the VIII Certamen Iberoamericano De Coreografía presented by Alicia Alonso for “El Crimen Fue en Granada.”

Founded in 2012, the Company has gained a reputation as one of the best purveyors of Spanish dance in Cuba, expanding on the traditional vocabulary and incorporating contemporary elements and Cuban national rhythms.

A great opportunity, as well, to peruse the galleries of MOLAA, founded in 1996 in Long Beach as the only museum in the United States dedicated to modern and contemporary Latin American art. Since its inception, MOLAA has doubled in size and continues to expand its permanent collection, ranging from works by Tamayo and Matta to Cruz-Diez, Los Carpinteros and Tunga.

A beautiful program for a Sunday evening.

Compania Irene Rodriguez Spanish Dance | Museum of Latin American Art | Sunday Aug 31

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Walk this way … to “Young Frankenstein”‘s 40th birthday party

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As the young Doctor (“Frankensteen“) has now advanced to prime middle age, his story, told with pinpoint historic accuracy in the great Mel Brooks movie spoof, “Young Frankenstein” (1974), will spool at the Academy in celebration of his fortieth birthday this year. Brooks, twice that age, will submit to interview by Leonard Maltin at the special season-opening AMPAS event. Co-stars Cloris Leachman and Teri Garr will also appear in person, as will the film’s exec producer Michael Gruskoff. A cultural experience to be in the same room with Mel Brooks.

More madness with Igor (pronounced “Eye-gore“) here:

Young Frankenstein | Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences | Tuesday Sept 9, 7:30 pm

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September’s dance reckoning in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles commercial dance gains seriousness, talent 1

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Welcome Beatles 1964 fifty years later @ Levitt Pavilion

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The jazz strata of Ave Pildas 1

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Review: Ate9 Dance & Fleck a pithy pairing @ REDCAT

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“It’s the second night of the third week of the 11th year of the New Original Works festival,” announced Mark Murphy, executive director of REDCAT performance space Friday night in a pre-show greeting of his audience. Surveying the full house of folk who track with emerging performance art, Murphy’s flickering smile seemed to convey, “But ...

Lil Buck pays back James Brown

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JB’s immensely funky riff from 1973, “The Payback” given exceptional dance interpretation today — first by the quicksilver Lil Buck, then by a less brilliant partner Jon Boogz. While Boogz dances, Lil Buck upstages him by leaning against a wall. Then he cycles through for a second round at video-end.

Nude ballet photos! Herman Cornejo, Ivan Vasiliev in near buff

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Yes, budgets are tight. So we’re seeing our biggest ballet stars come on stage wearing less and less clothes! In this case, it’s no huge punishment. We are talking about two of the loveliest, most talented — and beefiest — guys in ballet today. Pictured at left, Herman Cornejo, who commenced the “Diana & Acteon” ...