When Sally gave Marilyn (Monroe) her jazz pants

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You all remember when Harry met Sally. But what about when Sally (Goldin) gave Marilyn (Monroe) her pair of jazz pants?

And yet, this happened. A jaw-dropping moment when Sally Goldin said, “I gave Marilyn a pair of my jazz pants. She admired them at Frank Wagner‘s class. She was so shy and sweet and worked very hard in that class.”

Uh, okay, Sally. That Marilyn? You gave Marilyn Monroe your JAZZ PANTS? You were in dance class with MM?

Oh, yes, shot Sally right back.

“She just came up to me and said she loved them. I had an extra pair so I gave them to her. The pants were $6. They were the RAGE back then. We bought “sailor pants” at the army/navy store. They had laces up the front we cut the bell bottoms to length and fringed them. They came up just under the belly button VERY SEXY for the day!!”

Uh did Double-M wear them? I ventured the question trying hard to pretend this was all very normal.

“Yes she wore them to all the classes, even though they were a bit short for her, once I gave them to her.”

Sally Goldin, whose professional name was Sally Wile, was a Broadway dancer who worked for Fosse,Charles Weidman Bob Hamilton. She danced in Film, TV in the U.S. and in Europe. She currently teaches four ballet classes a week at Lake Arrowhead School of Dance in the mountains East of LA.

Little snippet on Frank Wagner, from New York Magazine, Oct 12, 1970:

Mention Frank Wagner to a dancer friend and you’re apt to be told that he gives the best modern jazz class. Go to one of his many beginners’ classes at the International Dance Group, Studio 819, Carnegie Hall, 154 West 57th Street (CI 7-6056, CO 5- 9090) and you’ll probably find yourself standing next to a professional…

According to Sally, Wagner’s studio was in Carnegie Hall.

“He wasn’t the best teacher. That was the same time as Peter Gennaro, Arlie Peterson and Matt Mattox – who were my favorites. Marilyn went there. 

Frank had some great drummers. Steve McQueen and Brando came and drummed sometimes. That was the time Carmen Alvaraz was in class. And of course Chita.”

The small photo of Sally Goldin posing rather fetchingly in her jazz pants was part of a “composite” — a one-sheet that you took to auditions. “I think I’m about 17 in that photo … 1952, ‘53. I was at the Performing Arts High School.”

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Last hurrah, 70 years ago today, for Jack Cole at Florida’s Colonial Inn


Seventy years ago today, February 14, 1948, a display ad for the erstwhile Colonial Inn in Hallandale, Florida, ran in the Ft. Lauderdale News.

The Inn was neither colonial nor an inn. It was a “carpet joint,” a boozy, broad-filled gambling joint whose boss man was notorious.

The club would soon be closed down by local authorities for operating without the proper licenses.

Jack Cole and His Dancers killed at the Colonial over the holiday season. They opened December 25, 1947 and closed soon after this ad was published on February 14, 1948.

Jewish-Mafia financial wizard Meyer Lansky was the owner. There is no way, no way in this world, that dancing at the Colonial for three months, Cole did not interact with Lansky.

Lansky obviously could not provide the proper encouragement to Ft. Lauderdale’s squeaky clean assistant state attorney, Dwight Rogers Jr., to keep the frothy gambling tables going. Rogers closed casino operations in 1948.

The poor Colonial languished. This story from November 1948, as it traveled into the marginal skids of the entertainment world.

The strippers got a pretty good review, January 1949, despite the “hoity-toity-ness” of the gathered audience. The place sold out, but audience sat stone silent  as the ‘bump-grinders,’ ‘paraders,’ and ‘peelers’ did their thing with abandon.

Sources: Jane’s History Nook, Ft Lauderdale News, Broward County Sun-Sentinal

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A ‘red-sock’ Valentine from Grover Dale … and Debbie Reynolds 2

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The flickering of truth, by Jasper Johns, at The Broad

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One hopes for something resembling truth, some sense of life, even of grace, to flicker, at least, in the work — Jasper Johns When the first survey articles and books on Pop Art were published in the 1960s, Jasper Johns was usually included. The painter, sculptor and constructionist often depicted vernacular objects in his work ...

Wicked and proud: choreographer Liz Lerman in conversation

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Choreographer, dancer, and writer Liz Lerman will present an interactive lecture this week concerning a project she calls, “Wicked Bodies.” Lerman is researching the visual portrayal of women’s bodies throughout history. The Wicked Bodies project provides a format in which Lerman interviews guests, gathering data “real-time,” adding to her perspectives and understanding of the images, issues, ...

Joan Crawford: an actress who paid her dues before #metoo

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Before there was Tonya Harding, there was Vera Hruba Ralston

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The Flame. 1947. USA. Directed by John H. Auer. Screenplay by Lawrence Kimble, based on the story by Robert T. Shannon. With John Carroll, Vera Ralston, Robert Paige, Broderick Crawford, Henry Travers, Hattie McDaniel. DCP. 97 min. John Carroll plots to relieve his brother (Robert Paige) of his inheritance, with the help of femme fatale ...

Tonya Harding: “I am so happy with myself!”

Tonya Harding, age 20, spoke those words when interviewed after her sensational athletic performance February 16, 1991 at the National Figure Skating Championships in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Harding skated a near perfect program and became the first American ladies skater to land the triple-Axel jump.

Bernstein’s gripping ‘Waterfront’ score to surge thru The Soraya

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