Jack Cole danced in Pittsburgh 1

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Rummaging around the Internet, I found this priceless image of a program dating from the Nixon Theatre in my home town of Pittsburgh. [click image for detail] The Nixon Theatre was the top game in town — the place where circa 1971 I saw naked hippies writhe on stage in “Hair.” Not surprisingly, the hard-working ...

Headlining at the Rainbow Room: Jack Cole and his Dancers

Cafe Life in New York Jack Cole and His Dancers Featured in the Rainbow Room’s New Show (by)  Malcolm Johnson The New York Sun, Saturday, May 18, 1942: The Rainbow Room’s new show, introduced this week, is a gay diversion highlighted by the colorful performance of Jack Cole and his Dancers. In fact there is ...

My favorite brother of seven, Matt Mattox 3

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Last night at TCM Fest: my first big-screen viewing of Stanley Donen’s “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.” Especially fun since Jacques d’Amboise was just in Los Angeles on a book talk. He spoke quite a bit about making the film. Indeed d’Amboise’s name, well-known considering he’s “just” a dancer, buzzed around the TCM Fest screening ...

Jack Cole dancer George Martin dies 5

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Sad news. One of the last living connections to Jack Cole and a key member of Cole’s great brigade of film and nightclub dancers, George Martin, died in Atlanta on April, 6, 2011, we learned yesterday from Dancers Over 40. I met the Martins, George and Ethel, at a symposium on Cole last summer at ...

Jack Cole mosaic

Photos say it best where the intense dancer/choreographer of film and nightclub, Jack Cole, is concerned. Here’s a little collection for your viewing pleasure. As for photo #6, what about Jack Cole and Gwen Verdon as a dancing duo? Absolutely superb . . . Like dance photos? Try more: Jack Cole dancer Nita Bieber gives ...

A glimpse of Jack Cole coaching Monroe

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In the photo at left (yes, from an ebay sale) choreographer Jack Cole rehearses Marilyn Monroe in “My Heart Belongs to Daddy” on the set of Let’s Make Love” (1960) Click on the photo for a better view. If you examine Cole’s head and shoulders, and Marilyn’s, you’ll see the difference between a trained dancer ...

Please do not discriminate.

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Jack Cole’s top ten list 3

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Film zany Michael Schlesinger enjoyed ribbing me with this ‘top-ten list’ he conjured for arts•meme: Top ten things choreographer Jack Cole liked about Christmas 10) Holiday spectaculars at Radio City Music Hall — boy, can them Rockettes kick or what? 9) People telling me how much they love “The Christmas Song.” (Oh, wait, sorry, that’s ...

Judy Garland doesn’t care, and I don’t care either! 1

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Judy Garland kills in the arts•meme theme song, “I Don’t Care,” from “In the Good Old Summertime” (1943). They say I’m crazy Got no sense But I don’t care They may or may not mean offense But I don’t care You see, I’m sort of independent I am my own superintendent And my star is ...

Ow! Betty Grable sizzles in Jack Cole choreography 2

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Jack Cole and Betty Grable were drinking buddies and they loved each other. He called her “Thumper” and she matched his stream of curse words one-for-one. He kicked her sagging career into high gear and she relied on him. I love how she shakes it in this number, video below. It’s “How Come You Do ...