arts·meme reaches ripe age of three

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On May 24, 2008, two things happened: 1) arts·meme went live, and 2) I stopped having time to watch television. Happy birthday, arts·meme, three years old. Now give us a little smile, sweetheart! My sincere appreciation to arts·meme creative collaborators: mark levine (technology) kent bulza, kamil muzylo (connectivity) elizabeth zimmer (editorial) chris green (brand) doug ...

Happy Birthday, Charlie Chaplin! 1

Architecture & Design · Film
Anyone who trolls mid-city Los Angeles will recognize the wonderful Tudor-style building at right (you can click on the photo). Creative dynamo Charles Chaplin, one of L.A.’s real go-getters, built it in 1917. And, there, leaning against the wall of his very own film factory stands the lovely Chaplin. It’s a pretty proud moment for ...

Happy 100th birthday, Tennessee Williams 1

Two terrific Tennessee Williams shows are on right now, and what a lovely way to gain exposure to our great southern playwright, born March 26, 1911, who would turn one hundred years old this Saturday had he not choked on the cap of his eyedrop squeezer in 1981. But that’s a story for another time. ...

Happy 100th Birthday, Jean Harlow 1

Film historian Robert S. Birchard contributes this story to arts·meme: If you asked the average Joe on the street he probably wouldn’t know the name. The better-than-average fellow with a yen for trivia might conjure that she had platinum blonde hair; that there was a scandal related to one of her husbands; and that she ...

Happy 70th birthday, Captain Beefheart

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Guitarist Gary Lucas‘s Captain Beefheart symposium was already in the works when he received a text message December 16 that Beefheart, aka Don Van Vliet, was no more. After years of suffering from multiple sclerosis, the enigmatic rock vocalist and musician, who had long forsaken music for painting, died at 69. Speaking to a theater ...


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The world is one-one-one-one today. Happy birthday world.

Happy 100th birthday, Julius Shulman 3

Architecture & Design · Visual arts
In keeping with arts·meme’s devotion to the dearly departed, we’d like to add Uncle Julius to the mix. The great Brooklyn-born, Los Angeles-reared architectural photographer left our midst last year. By most measures, his was a life well lived (1910-2009). He left behind the visual splendor of his timeless photography, which captures and defines California ...

arts·meme enters the terrible twos 2

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“You should be blogging,” my brother Mark first said to me sometime around 2005. I succumbed on May 24, 2008 when arts·meme went live — with Mark’s excellent tech support. Then he started saying, “You should be tweeting.” Okay, enough is enough! Inspired by a Los Angeles Philharmonic concert under the baton of Esa-Pekka Salonen, I ...

Bette Davis turns 100 years old 4

To celebrate the occasion, we attended a LACMA double-bill of two of Davis’s late-career outings (post-All About Eve and pre-Baby Jane). We watched in morbid fascination the divine Ms. D chomp both the scenery and her hunky co-star, Sterling Hayden, in The Star. Davis plays a washed-up movie celeb who tries, fails, and ultimately succeeds ...