Something’s comin’, I dunno what it is, but it is, gonna be great! 1

Dance · Film
arts·meme Facebook pal Marcus Galante shares this crazy capture of a gangland ballet class on the set of the film, West Side Story. The commandant, Jerome Robbins. Now, we’ve seen ballet instructors wielding sticks, batons, no, not clubs, but sometimes microphones. The bullhorn’s a new one. [Click photo for detail.] Looking forward to the  big ...

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1927 was a very good year 1

Fritz Lang’s METROPOLIS with 25 minutes of lost footage restored and live accompaniment by Alloy Orchestra: a huge event for cinephiles. It was the penultimate closing-night event of TCM Classic Film Festival. Everyone loved it. Everyone except arts•meme … I found it overwhelming and incomprehensible. What tickled me, however, was watching the acknowledged German masterpiece dating ...