Hello Harlow! 2

In a nice movie-starrish start to the new year, we’re attending the opening of an exhibition dedicated to actress Loretta Young at the Hollywood Museum on Highland Avenue on January 8. Then the next night, we’re looking forward to attending a super fun “Evening at the Barn” presentation by the Hollywood Heritage group — a ...

Review: Streisand, refridgerated

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Warming the nippy November night with her presence, Barbra Streisand captivated the Hollywood Bowl — an outdoor amphitheater, a house of 18,000 seats — in a wonderful concert. She looked gorgeous and her voice was gorgeous, often silken and surprising. A powerful, beautiful woman dressed sharp in a black sequined pant-ensemble, Streisand commanded the Bowl’s ...

The Tramp meets the Dying Swan

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Two great ‘movement artists, Charles and Anna, ‘ pose for a photo looking like something more than just “cordial colleagues.” The photo is dated 1922. Like this? Read more: Pavlov(a)’s dog of a movie. Anna Pavlova visits Hollywood Happy Birthday, Charlie Chaplin Charles Chaplin in China

Julie Andrews attends a party

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Some girls have all the luck. Here the legendary soprano diva of musical theater attends the opening gala of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, an event that felicitously mixed dance with symphony (read our review here). Andrews poses first with the Italian-born American Ballet Theatre principal dancer, Roberto Bolle, and then with charming Venezuelan, the L.A. ...

If the shoes fits … Disney’s “Cinderella” returns to the El Capitan

  Quick before midnight, get thee to Hollywood’s legendary El Capitan Theatre for Walt Disney’s animated masterpiece “Cinderella.” It’s a nice hot-weather outing for the kiddies … and their shoe freak moms. Attendees can enjoy a special exhibit of the modern-day Cinderella inspired slipper created by famed red-sole designer Christian Louboutin as well as a ...

An actress & her dance coach

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Two utterly amazing human beings, beautiful people, professional collaborators, and personal friends. He wielded enormous influence on her screen persona and on her career. This photo represents, for me, a most delirious encounter between dance and film worlds; nothing from Astaire or Kelly however great, speaks [to me] as powerfully. Here we have Jack Cole, ...

The great Mitzi Gaynor recalls Jack Cole, courtesy of UCLA Film & Television Archive

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After a screening on Saturday August 4, 2012, of THE I DON’T CARE GIRL (Twentieth Century Fox, 1953), we enjoyed a fun panel discussion of the film. It all happened at the Billy Wilder Theater of the Hammer Museum under the auspices of UCLA Film & Television Archives, which had a rare print of the ...

Jack Cole’s magic for Mitzi Gaynor on view in rare screening of “The I Don’t Care Girl” by UCLA Film & Television Archive August 4. Gaynor to appear in-person. 7

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I am very pleased to announce my participation in a truly wonderful celebration of dance on film at the Billy Wilder Theater In Westwood on Saturday August 4, 2012. It’s sponsored by the UCLA Film & Television Archive. On that night, as a community, we will view the rare and out-of-circulation Twentieth Century Fox movie ...

Awake in a dream

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I am very sorry this lovely video clip starts with a terrible commercial. I hope it is worth the wait for you.

Jacaranda’s garden party on fire 1

Remember the old-fashioned garden party? Where proper ladies and gentlemen sipped, nibbled, noshed, chewed, grazed, and gabbed? Well, forget about that. Welcome to Jacaranda‘s annual garden-party fundraiser event. That’s where the smart Los Angeles contemporary music society will introduce its new season in plein-air. And don’t forget your sun hat. Because you may need to ...