Kalman show closing soon at Skirball

Visual arts
The whimsical flotsam and jetsam of the graphic designer, magazine illustrator, children’s book writer and tchotchke collector Maira Kalman is on view at the  Skirball Center through February 13. The impressive show, “Various Illuminations (of a Crazy World),” displays Kalman’s prodigious output. Yes, I bought Kalman’s illustrated Strunk and White at the gift shop. Because ...

Bodacious Brazilian bodies of Grupo Corpo

Dance · Reviews
If you don’t speak Portuguese, but do speak slithering, sinuous, samba sensuality, you’re in good stead at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in downtown Los Angeles this weekend. Contemporary dance troupe Grupo Corpo, visiting from Brazil, is in the house. Grupo Corpo’s red-hot, audience-pleasing performance is part of the Glorya Kaufman Presents Dance at the Music ...

Virginia Johnson remembers her path to Dance Theatre of Harlem

Dance Theater of Harlem Artistic Director Virginia Johnson, once the company’s tall prima ballerina — and she still has gorgeous gams — spoke today to a group of African-American dance students at the annual conference of the International Association of Blacks in Dance at the Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. The classy Manhattan-ite told ...

“Scarecrow” cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond @ LACMA

Following a double bill at LACMA so soulful and affecting that the feeling was beatific [“Electra Glide in Blue” & “Scarecrow” both from 1973], the museum hosted the great cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond for a talk. Zsigmond, in tandem with his compatriot Laszlo Kovacs, introduced a palette of mittel European muted natural light to Hollywood. According to ...

Polina Semionova, one of seven powerful female dancers of “Reflections” 1

Dance · Reviews
Just back from “Reflections” at Orange County’s Segerstrom Center, a beautifully performed showcase for the spectacular skills of seven Bolshoi Academy-trained ballerinas and four of their male counterparts. Lots of vibrant creativity on display here — in a regrettably overly long program. (I never thought I’d write the words, ‘Cut the Balanchine,’ but here they ...

Hippies invade Hollywood! 3

Architecture & Design · Dance · Theater
A few nostalgia loons garb for flower power attended the Pantages Theater’s closing weekend of the fabulous production of “Hair.” Like this? Read up on “Hair” choreographer, Karole Armitage, in today’s Los Angeles Times.

She asks me why, I’m just a hairy guy 2

Dance · Film · Theater
HAIR has roots in Hollywood, and we don’t mean hair roots. We mean theatrical roots. In 1968, the West Coast premiere production opened on Sunset Boulevard, just two blocks from the Pantages, about six months following the production’s Broadway opening. The Aquarius Theatre, re-named in honor of one of the show’s hit songs, would be ...

Twyla Tharp’s “Aquarius” in Milos Forman’s HAIR 1

Dance · Film
Preparing to interview Karole Armitage for an L.A. Times print edition tomorrow concerning her choreography for “HAIR,” I re-watched Twyla Tharp’s “Aquarius” from Milos Forman’s 1979 movie. Armitage wasn’t too keen on Tharp’s version. She told me so when we chatted. I like it a lot, however. arts·meme reader Gina Buntz, the dance chair of ...

Melody Kanschat retires. Film lives at LACMA.

The woman who advised LACMA CEO Michael Govan when he was relatively new to Los Angeles that classic film had no role at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art will leave her post, according to an oddly placed announcement in the Los Angeles Business Journal. From the Los Angeles Business Journal County Museum COO to ...

Cold War rekindled with opening of Valley Performing Arts Center

Architecture & Design · Dance
Please dust off your bomb shelters. Store in there:  red wine, brie, and lots of ballet videos. While adorable Bolshoi Ballet couple Natalia Osipova and Ivan Vasiliev are tromping the floorboards in “Reflections” at Orange County’s recently renamed Segerstrom Center for the Arts, not to be outdone, a top American pairing, Gillian Murphy and Ethan ...