Hong Kong’s “South China Morning Post” tracks Lula Washington’s bilateral dance happening

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Lula tour makes HuffPo headline!


Washingtonians wrap up China tour in Hangzhou 1

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Click on an individual photo to tour the gallery. Tonight in Hangzhou, the historic resort city on the West Lake, now a bastion of high-tech industry: the final performance of the three-week tour of Central China by Lula Washington Dance Theatre. Mid-way through the itinerary, in the dusty back stairwell of a Henan province (Xinyang) ...

Lula Washington kicks it in Xinyang City with Rennie Harris’s fabulous REIGN

Hip-hop and house dance hit Henan Province hard last week. Lula Washington Dance Theatre kills in this blistering piece created for them by choreographer Rennie Harris. If you live in China where the government blocks youtube.com, view it here. video courtesy u.s. embassy in beijing, keith lommel, videographer, translator, china hand, sound mixer

Jiaxing party animals. Yes, *that* Party.

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Arriving in Jiaxing, we remember our Chinese Communist Party (CCP) history. The party was founded under the guiding eye of Comintern agent, Grigori Voitinsky, in Shanghai’s French concession. It was July, 1921 — China’s summer of love. The first party congress had 53 attendees. Immediately feeling the heat from the Kuomintang authorities, the group transferred ...

Letter from Wuhan 1

Greetings from Wuhan, one of China’s “four furnaces.” It’s a hot one today, blazingly sticky and humid; for every particle of air, an equivalent particle of dirt. The dancers already had class and rehearsal and are hanging out, resting, before tonight’s show. Wuhan is a big old-industry town in the heartland of China, a bastion ...

Micah Moch flies in Rennie Harris’s “Reign” in Luohe, P.R.C.

Micah in the middle. Photo courtesy Keith Lommel, U.S. Embassy in Beijing

Where the heck are we in Henan Province? We’re in Xinyang. 3

At the close of Day 18 of a 25-day performance tour through four provinces of China, we find ourselves in a netherworld of time and space. No one on the bus can remember what day of the week it is — or where we are. The daily drill goes like this: In the morning, after ...

South Los Angeles dance warriors visit Shaolin Temple monks

A tribe of urban warriors — skipping, leaping, jumping and hip-hopping their way across Henan Province — scaled the hills of Shaolin to visit the local Buddhist monastery.

Cultures collide, collaborate, in Xucheng, P.R.C.

In the arts funding world, they call it “cultural exchange.” In the real world, we call it the love and mutual respect that flows between artists. Here, where the bare foot meets the marley floor, artists mash up and collaborate. Two Chinese choreographers, Ma Bin from Hainan Island and Tong Wei from Hebei, put their ...