Yuichiro Ando @ New Puppy Gallery

Visual arts
All kinds of documentary and feature films have examined George Bush’s little war, but I’ve yet to see a fine artist’s response. Because … how many artists have had flip-flops on the ground in Iraq? Iraqi war veterans struggling to move on from their experience may include an L.A. artist, Yuichiro Ando, an Otis art-school ...

Happy 100th Birthday, Jean Harlow 1

Film historian Robert S. Birchard contributes this story to arts·meme: If you asked the average Joe on the street he probably wouldn’t know the name. The better-than-average fellow with a yen for trivia might conjure that she had platinum blonde hair; that there was a scandal related to one of her husbands; and that she ...

Brazilian folkloric troupe to rock Wilshire Boulevard

After the week I’ve had, I am dearly looking forward to Saturday night’s performance of Balé Folclórico da Bahia, Brazil’s only professional folk dance company. The 38-member ensemble, which features live music and singing (five percussionists and three singers) presents the U.S. premiere of Sacred Heritage, a work inspired by the polytheistic nature religion of ...

Cassavetes didn’t make his films for us, but we like them anyway 2

Dance · Film
Saluting the ambitious retrospective of the films — and some of the television work — of John Cassavetes, the patron saint of American independent cinema. The events take place at Cinefamily, located in the old Silent Movie house on Fairfax Avenue, kicking off Thursday night. Cinefamily christens the series, a bit nebulously, with this blistering ...

La belle Catherine … Deneuve

The film goddess Catherine Deneuve, at 66 larger than life, still impossibly beautiful, and emanating the off-putting mix of power and femininity that characterizes French women (and intimidates me!), received the audience’s full adulation in a personal appearance tonight at LACMA’s Bing Theater. Fittingly, today is International Women’s Day. Et quelle femme! We’d just watched ...

Pytor Ilyich Tchai-copy-cat 1

Dance · Music
A fun musical post contributed to arts·meme by Erica Miner . . . Sound familiar? That’s Tamara Milashkina and Eugeny Raikov, singing Undina and Huldbrand’s duet from Undina by Tchaikovsky. Tchaikovsky wrote this early opera in 1869, and though it was not one of his two ‘hit’ operas — Eugene Onegin in 1879 and The Queen of ...

“Black Tulip” screens @ LACMA Thursday night

Chris Cole, the producer of the new “Black Tulip” film, contributes this overview to arts·meme. With all the turmoil and foreign affairs debate surrounding Afghanistan, it’s easy to forget about the millions of Afghan civilians still dealing with the consequences that have resulted from over thirty years of war. Families from all over the country ...

Merce Cunningham, genius, his company in final year of touring

Click on photos for better view —   Excerpted from article concerning the wind-up of MCDC as a performing ensemble, from March 2011 issue of “Dance” Magazine Intended to avoid the disastrous legal squabbles of the Martha Graham Dance Company in the 1990s, the [Legacy] plan provides a road map to ensure the continued life ...

Let’s learn more about Sonny Rollins

Video tracks four historic Prestige recordings between Miles Davis and Rollins, who accepted the 2010 National Award of Arts from President Obama last week.  

Catherine la Grande: Deneuve in person at LACMA 1

Preparing to see Catherine Deneuve appear in person in conjunction with a screening of “Potiche,” her new film directed by François Ozon, we swung by the museum late Friday night to see Roman Polanski’s “Repulsion” . . . a perfect movie. Ian Birnie, film curator responsible for the museum’s Deneuve retrospective, shares his view on ...