Gene Kelly’s television broadcasts @ Hammer Museum 1

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I’m looking forward to attending UCLA Film & Television Archive’s Gene Kelly event which comprises part of their  film preservation festival . Event is called,“Gene Kelly On Television.” OMNIBUS: ‘Dancing: A Man’s Game NBC, 12/21/1958 (1958) Directed by Gene Kelly and William A. Graham In writing, choreographing and directing this program for the prestigious Omnibus ...

The second time ’round, Liz and Dick kept it simple

I’m starting late, but undaunted, I still aspire to catch up with Elizabeth Taylor in the marriage department (sans Fortensky). Here’s Liz’s list: • Nicky Hilton (1950-51) • Michael Wilding (1952-57) • Michael Todd (1957-58) • Eddie Fisher (1959-64) • Richard Burton (1964-74) • Richard Burton (1975-76) • John Warner (1976-82) • Larry Fortensky (1991-96) ...

Shades of blackness … in full blasts of great dancing

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A good kind of blackness ruled two dance concerts that demonstrated the huge range of vernacular dance arising from the African diaspora. Both were spiritual, moving, infectiously joyful, connective, and concerned with communicating with the audience — everything wonderful that dance can be. First came the Brazilians, the Balé Folclório de Bahia, the national folkloric ...

Happy 100th birthday, Tennessee Williams 1

Two terrific Tennessee Williams shows are on right now, and what a lovely way to gain exposure to our great southern playwright, born March 26, 1911, who would turn one hundred years old this Saturday had he not choked on the cap of his eyedrop squeezer in 1981. But that’s a story for another time. ...

Cinefamily mashes Rowlands, Cassavetes, Mingus

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Closing evening of Cinefamily’s month-long Cassavetes retrospective features live appearances and performances — plus a screening of A Woman Under The Influence. The evening features: Film and video rarities of Cassavetes at work A panel discussion with Bo Harwood (Cassavetes film composer & sound engineer/editor), Richard Upper (art department on A Woman Under The Influence ...

Cynthia Gregory, Children’s Ballet Theatre, 1953 1

The great Gregory, blessed from birth with a cygnet neck and skinny legs, as captured by a master photog, Bob Willoughby. Click photos for detail. photo: thank you bob willoughby estate Like this? Read more: Gregory returns to West Coast

Minneapolis gets Merce Cunningham Dance Company collection

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The good news in the dance world is that the Merce Cunningham Dance Company collection of set pieces, costumes, painted drops created for relentlessly innovative choreographer by leading artists, designers and musicians has a loving home. Alas dance fans will have to traipse to Minneapolis to see the stuff, made in New York City though ...

Marvelous Marvin Hamlisch takes up Pasadena Pops baton 2

“I love Pasadena,” proclaimed Pasadena Pops’s new conductor, Marvin Hamlisch, perfectly suited for the family-oriented position because he’s no shrinking violet. The veteran composer of Broadway (“A Chorus Line”) and Hollywood film (“The Way We Were,” “Sophie’s Choice,” “The Sting”) continued: “I like the idea of being around talent in L.A. and Hollywood. We can ...

Hoppé’s impromptu Nijinsky photo session 1

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This dapper fellow is E.O. Hoppé, Great Britain’s German-born society-and-arts photographer (1878-1972) whose current show at London’s National Portrait Gallery has spawned very positive reviews. [Click on E.O.’s photo for better view] And it all has a Los Angeles connection. arts·meme friend, Graham Howe, who divides his time between Sydney and Pasadena, is a distinguished photography ...

Choreographer Stephen Petronio, leg man

As a choreographer Stephen Petronio is a leg man. His meticulously constructed movement-chains travel on high-kicking, fully swinging legs. Transporting the dancers across the stage, they then pause in off-kilter balances before sinking into deep solid lunges. We observed this leg action during the West Coast premiere of Petronio’s “I Drink the Air Before Me,” ...