If it’s August, it’s NYCB Nutcracker time in Los Angeles

This fascinating poster — click on it for detail — dating near to 1954 when Balanchine first staged the Nutcracker [Maria Tallchief as Sugar Plum Fairy, Tanaquil LeClercq as Dewdrop] — comes from the collection of Edith Brozak McMann, a former New York City Ballet dancer. It may interest Los Angeles dance fans of a ...

L.A. dance programmers add to U.S. trade deficit with tempting imports 1

We’ve always imported major dance companies in Los Angeles. In the old days, that meant New York City Ballet romping at the Greek Theater in Griffith Park. But now we go global. And this is worsening the nation’s nettlesome trade deficit. We buy more of their stuff and they don’t buy enough of ours. Our ...

‘Footwork’ explodes out of Chicago — on the radio

Dance · Music
Hey Wills Glasspiegel of National Public Radio, thank you for hipping us to Chicago ‘footwork’ on the airwaves, All Things Considered, today. Great story:    Listen here.    Read it here. The best dancing is in the last four minutes of the video. Thank you Luke Hartley for your very kool foto.

Yo Martha, Martha Graham! Yvonne Rainer wants to teach you something. 1

Graham was featured as a Google “Doodle” on her birthday today Happy Birthday Martha Graham born in Pittsburgh on May 11, 1894, 117 years ago

Las películas de La Habana llegan a Los Ángeles 1

trans: Cuban films come to L.A. Everyone needs to march, in communist lock-step, to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to see “Strawberry and Chocolate” (1994), Cuba’s only Foreign Language Film Award nominee to date. It’s part of a “Hey! We Decided to Abandon our Bizarre Non-Recognition of You, Cuba” festival happening both ...

NYT’s Larry Rohter writes on guitarist Gary Lucas

So very very cool to see a  New York Times piece on guitarist Gary Lucas written by film guy Larry Rohter: “The music business has never quite known what to make of Gary Lucas. Go to a site for streaming or downloading songs, and you may find his music consigned to a vague category called ...

She did the mash, she did the monster mash

Ideas & Opinion
Most delighted by Arts Editor Kimberly Brooks’s banner headline fashioned for my story on today’s The Huffington Post. It’s a typical father-daughter tale, only it concerns two Karloffs: Boris and Sara. [click on the image for a better view …] You can also read this story on artsmeme.

The lucidity of Lucinda Childs

Dance · Music · Visual arts
Kudos to choreographer Lucinda Childs, whose pristine and rigorous “Dance”  — a glorious work of minimalist art from the late 70s — we so enjoyed Friday night at Royce Hall. Set to the music of Philip Glass, the reconstructed hour-long piece powers forth in real time, while, concurrently, a huge video projection displays giants performing ...

Mark Morris loves the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

Architecture & Design · Dance
The choreographer whose troupe, the Mark Morris Dance Group, opened a four-day run last night at the Music Center, shared his affection for the theater when I interviewed him in 2007: “It’s fabulous to be performing at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion,” he told me then. “I just love the mid-century-modern touches,” he said, indicating the ...

“L’Allegro,” set to Handel, at the Music Center tonight

Nostalgia reigns at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion as we prepare to see Mark Morris’s landmark full-evening work from 1988, L’Allegro Il Penseroso ed il Moderato, set to an oratorio by Handel. The piece was made when the Seattle-born choreographer was 32 years old. The co-production with L.A. Opera features live orchestral accompaniment.  A lovely preview ...