welcome to arts•meme’s new look 3

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We hope our new design enhances your experience reading about arts and opinion at https://artsmeme.com. New features include: cleaner, cooler more contemporary look! “chiclet” navigator of top five featured stories. category menu allows direct access to the story scroll sorted by your favorite subject area, dance, film, music and the like full scroll displays the ...

arts•meme, stripped to skivvies, prepares for new look 2

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We don’t look bad, we just look a bit dated. We’re five years old, after all. That’s why we’ve stripped to skivvies and preparing for a new look-and-feel. Please stand by, your arts blog will soon emerge with colorful and more contemporary design! Coming soon!

Party on, arts·meme people!

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It was an arts lovers Saturday night on LaBrea Avenue. A throng of party people clustered ’round a new exhibition, Francisco Zuniga: A Centenial Tribute, to appreciate the great Mexican artist and to celebrate five years of arts blogging on arts·meme. The party was hosted by Jack Rutberg Fine Arts. View the photos here. Like ...

Happy birthday, arts·meme! The little lady turns five. 2

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We’re positively ancient … five years old … and we’re throwing a swell birthday party. Hope you can come by. The party’s happening at Jack Rutberg Fine Arts on LaBrea Avenue on Saturday, June 1. It’s concurrent to the opening of a wonderful art gallery show, “Francisco Zuniga: A Centennial Tribute.”  In the thanks-and-gratitude department, ...

New York Times honors Jack Cole & dance critic 3

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It’s a big honor to be recognized in the New York Times. I am awfully proud to receive a shout-out (used to be called a “name mention”) from Dave Kehr, the highly respected film critic. In his weekly New York Times round-up of recently released DVDs, Kehr writes: MEET ME AFTER THE SHOW The choreographer ...

John Cusack, ballet fan 1

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It was not possible to miss actor John Cusack hanging out in the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion lobby during intermission at the Joffrey Ballet last night. He’s quite tall, his broad face is totally open and familiar, and his coloring is vivid: jet black hair against pale white skin. He’s striking and artistic looking. I chatted ...

Good art-gab Saturday @ L.A. Art Show

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The L.A. Art Show‘s featured exhibit, “Letters from L.A.,” addresses the unique use of text by the city’s visual artists, forms the centerpiece of the fair. And the fair is a huge, noisy and fun community celebration. The line-up at the Show this weekend got my attention; in particular a panel discussion that looks excellent. ...

Meredith Monk muses on “our intimate connection to nature”

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Perusing program notes after enjoying Meredith Monk’s wonderful ensemble of songbirds at CAP-UCLA last night, I was moved by the veteran performance artist’s statement. After a bruising week of human destruction, with cataclysms in Algeria and Moscow, where the head of the Bolshoi Ballet was horribly attacked, the essay struck me as tonic. Writes Meredith ...

Saving the children … 1

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Allegorical text written by J.D. Salinger for his character, Holden Caulfield, in The Catcher in the Rye (1951): “Anyway, I keep picturing all these little kids playing some game in this big field of rye and all. Thousands of little kids, and nobody’s around – nobody big, I mean – except me. And I’m standing ...

Fitz featured in “Gatz”

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Here stands the great American novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald in what strikes me as his penultimate Los Angeles portrait. Bleary-eyed but putting a good face on things — what we do so well in L.A. Noshing one night at Greenblatt’s Deli on Sunset Boulevard, I chatted with proprietor, the son of the original owner. He ...