Where the Bronx meets Orange County: Chazz Palminteri’s one-man show

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In 1988, before it became a hit Broadway musical or a feature film co-starring Robert DeNiro, Chazz Palminteri wrote and performed in A Bronx Tale— bringing 18 characters to vivid life in a gripping tale of his rough childhood on the Bronx streets.  The powerful play depicts his bruising youthful experiences in great detail — ...

Staying safe at the movies with Chris Nichols, in 2021

you have my avid attention — for an entire year! Some people spent 2021 doom-scrolling on their phones. Others, like my friend Chris, spent it watching movies. When Chris idly let drop that he saw 86 movies last year, I had to ask for the basis of that claim. Said Chris (he is also known ...

Review: ‘Ailey,’ the choreographer, the man, the figurehead, in PBS American Masters doc

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The opening moments of Ailey—Jamila Wignot’s deeply rewarding documentary about Alvin Ailey’s life, work and company—show the choreographer receiving a huge ovation as a Kennedy Center Honoree. Cicely Tyson speaks movingly about the depth of his achievements; his company performs a fervent finale from Revelations as he takes evident pride in watching them. Ailey, 57, ...

Beloved Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater stays safe on stage & screen

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Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in Alvin Ailey’s Revelations, 2021 Opening Night Gala. Photo: Christopher Duggan On December 1, the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater returned triumphantly to New York City Center – its home base in the city for 50 years – having foregone its 2020 season (and a great deal of touring) during ...

‘I can’t dance,’ signals Nicole Kidman as Lucille Ball in ‘Being The Ricardos’ 2

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It’s no spoiler to share that in one scene of BEING THE RICARDOS, a cultural cataclysm heading our way December 10 in theatres and on Amazon PRIME, Nicole Kidman, as Lucille Ball, lets drop that her sexy boyfriend Desi Arnaz (Javiar Bardem) is going to teach her how to rumba. The embarrassing display that follows ...

Von Sternberg silent movie, a trove of great early-cinema collaborators, @UCLA Film Archive 1

A double bill of early movies directed by Josef Von Sternburg is set to spool for an in-person audience in January, and it looks particularly luscious. One picture is the director’s final extant silent movie; the second, his first using sound. Set almost entirely in a seedy portside tavern where the doomed and desperate carouse, ...

Quarantine blues, back-to-nature edition

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There’s the walking blues, the talking blues, and now thanks to filmmaking collaborators Wade Robson and Tony Testa, there’s “DisInteGrated,” the dancing blues, filmed in Maui. Testa, looking like Gilligan in search of his island, convenes with nature — sand, sea, sky, forest, even planted!

REVIEW: Julia Child, warbly kitchen warrior near to our hearts, in new doc

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The Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu is ‘said’ to have said, “When the student is ready, the master will appear.” American homemakers didn’t realize it in the post-World War II decade, but Julia Child was the master they awaited – a down-to-earth cookery guru to guide them away from pre-made mixes, frozen variety trays, and the ...

Still burning bright: Paul Taylor Dance Company & ‘Fantasia,’ both to Bach

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Lisa Viola, Michael Trusnovec, original cast, “Promethean Fire,” PTDC Sara Krulwich/New York Times The light illuminating the dancers in the photo above is the result of a myriad micro-decisions made by a great theatrical artist of our time. Jennifer Tipton, the acclaimed lighting designer and longtime collaborator of the choreographer Paul Taylor (1930-2018), is slated ...

Looks so good! Opening-night movie as GERMAN CURRENTS Film Festival returns

Madame Houpflé (Maria Furtwängler) in Confessions of Felix Krull (2021 Los Angeles is somewhat unsteadily getting back onto its feet as the international capital of film that it is. And here comes the German Currents Film Festival. We’re electrified! The return of in-personal screenings (there is also a virtual option for stay-at-homes) is frankly joyful. ...