Don’t be superstitious! Buy Jeff Beck-tribute guitar.


Jeff Beck (1944 – 2023) is considered one of the best guitarists in history, and to my ear the most soulful of the British rockers. A trailblazing guitarist, Beck recorded with everyone from Stevie Wonder and Buddy Guy to Tina Turner and Mick Jagger. Beck got his start with The Yardbirds, making groundbreaking music on a ’59 Les Paul Standard guitar. His too-soon death last year jarred fans around the world.

Not a Yardbirds clip below, rather a bluesy number, “I Ain’t Superstitious,” an indelible recording from The Jeff Beck Group with the sound of a highly recognizable guitarist — and, yes, perhaps you’ll recognize the voice of the band’s lead singer.

The Nashville-based Gibson guitars, founded in 1894 and for 130 years producing instruments of high craftsmanship, has just announced the “YardBurst,” a custom-made, faithful recreation of this legendary guitar — artfully aged to match the original as it appeared during Beck’s Yardbirds days. It is a gorgeous object.

front headstock for the Jeff Beck “Yardburst” 1959 Les Paul Standard

“Jeff was a trailblazer, the guitar hero of our guitar heroes and admired by his contemporaries,” says Cesar Gueikian, CEO of Gibson. “Jeff played an instrumental role in the cultural significance of the Gibson Les Paul early in his career during the Yardbursts’ era. Just like Jeff was influenced by Les Paul, he influenced many iconic musicians to create their art with a Gibson Les Paul. We are proud to pay tribute to Jeff.”

Aged brown Lifton hardshell guitar case with a Burgundy plush interior included with Jeff Beck “Yardburst” 1959 Les Paul Standard

Jeff Beck “Yardburst” 1959 Les Paul Standard | Gibson Custom

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