Hollywood’s favorite rosé celebrates ‘National Rosé Day’ courtesy of Bodvar

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Bodvar model, Bodvar, Ann Hafstrom
Cannes, May 2018. photo: Erick Seban-Meyer

What the world needs now is — National Rosé Day. And courtesy of the Swedish-based wine and luxury good purveyor, Bodvár – House of Rosés, that’s coming our way June 9.

Fêted each year on the second Saturday in June, National Rosé Day was founded in 2015 by Bodvár Hafström. The scion of the Swedish Grönstedt and Hafström families, boasting 170 years of family tradition in the premium beverage industry, Bodvár himself launched National Rosé Day at this year’s 71st Cannes Film Festival. 

While at Cannes, Bodvár – House of Rosés held a special reception at Le Grand 45. The Provence-made, award-winning Bodvár rosés have been served on the Croisette for many years.

And now the delicate, pink, sipping-treat has arrived in Hollywood. It was the exclusive rosé of choice served backstage to nominees and presenters at the 90th Academy Awards.

“Bodvár Rosé is very well established in the European luxury market. I was delighted to introduce my rosé in the United States earlier this year,” explains Bodvár. “Our goal with establishing National Rosé Day by Bodvár was to create a new lifestyle experience that not only celebrates rosé, but also the vibrance, luxury and joie de vivre that our brand represents.

A beautiful beverage described as classy, laid-back, elegant and stylish fits so well with the Southern California lifestyle. Bodvár Hafström will host his exclusive annual afternoon soirée to celebrate National Rosé Day in the beautiful waterfront setting of the luxury, boutique Marina del Rey Hotel.

arts⋅meme is delighted that Bovar rosé will help fete our blog’s tenth anniversary. Skål!

National Rosé Day | wherever you are with a glass of rosé | June 9

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