All is golden in the Golden Nautilus, says Catherine Turocy

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The structure of the Nautilus is considered sacred geometry, the Golden Mean, represented by the Greek letter phi, one of the mysterious natural numbers that seems to arise from the basic structure of our cosmos.

“Baroque Dance and the Golden Nautilus” is a lecture/performance by Baroque expert Catherine Turocy.  The artistic director of the New York Baroque Dance Company will examine connections between geometry used in 17th to 18th century architecture, design and painting and its resonance in the art of early ballet. Turocy will posit that these designs are still of relevance today.

national-arts-twoAn added bonus is attending the lecture at the splendid New York City landmark The National Arts Club, a Victorian Gothic Revival brownstone located on the southern border of Gramercy Park. The club was founded in 1898 by Charles DeKay, an art and literary critic of the New York Times to “stimulate, foster, and promote public interest in the arts and to educate the American people in the fine arts.”

We anticipate finding the golden mean in the course of the evening!

Baroque Dance and the Golden Nautilus | National Arts Club | Nov 30

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