Dance across the Pacific Isles with ‘Cinerama South Seas Adventure’

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Cinerama's South Seas Adventure
A cruise ship wending it way across the South Pacific, with visits to Hawaii, Tahiti, Tonga and Fiji, includes a film crew shooting footage of native culture.

dudley-southseasadventureCamera-captured in 1958 in “Cinerama South Sea Adventure,” it sounds pretty colorful, doesn’t it?

Now a legendary travelogue, “South Sea,” one of the great exercises in wide-screen projection from the late ’50s and a real journey back in time, also includes a cavalcade of dance history; it’s full of indigenous dance.

The film screening is the centerpiece of a fun Saturday night at the Egyptian Theatre, when the American Cinematheque hosts it 11th annual “Tiki Night.”

Evening, which starts at 5:30 pm with drinks, also includes Tiki Marketplace and  live performances from King Kukulele & The Friki Tikis and the Polynesian Paradise Dancers!

Photo: Thank you, Widescreen Museum

CINERAMA SOUTH SEAS ADVENTURE | Egyptian Theatre | Sat July 25

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