Technicolor rapture of THE UNFINISHED DANCE

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This hallucinogenic slice of celluloid captures Cyd Charisse, playing prima ballerina Mlle Bouchet, in director Henry Koster’s movie-tour of the world of ballet neurosis, THE UNFINISHED DANCE. Here Cyd performs a balletic “combré,” a deep back-bend, at the barre.

o'brien-unfinished-The movie, made at MGM in 1947, starred child actor Margaret O’Brien. It’s a ballet soap opera interspersed with brilliantly hued, Technicolor dance numbers — richer (if less artfully danced), in this viewer’s opinion, than those of THE RED SHOES (1948).

Thus UNFINISHED is must viewing on the big screen.

Cyd performs a solo warm-up in the opening sequence of the movie. She’s garbed in a gorgeous yellow knit-and-tulle tutu, the handicraft of MGM costume designer Helen Rose.

The screening is co-sponsored by Technicolor Corporation.

The Unfinished Dance | Dance Camera West | Crest Theatre May 2, 4:30 pm

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