Radio celebrates ballet man Theodore Kosloff

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This cool guy is John Rabe. As host of KPCC-Pasadena’s “Off Ramp,” Rabe captures a mixed bag of hip stories in radio’s radiant realm as they tumble forth in the wee village of Los Angeles.

This Saturday, March 8, at high noon, on 89.3 on your FM-radio dial [repeats Sunday 6 pm] Rabe’s “Off Ramp” will feature the coolest, most radio-worthy thing in the world: classical ballet. We’re talking eeeeaarly classical ballet in Los Angeles, what’s more, ballet in the flickers. High art, a “ballet mécanique,” in a notorious early-talkie called MADAM SATAN (1930).

arts·meme‘s Debra Levine shares with Rabe and 70,000 of his closest friends (they listen while careening around town in their cars) the saga of Russian-born ballet dancer Theodore Kosloff who collaborated with director Cecil B. DeMille, with distinctive results, in “Satan,” the director’s first, last and only movie musical.

So … listen up! and enjoy.

“The Friendship Behind Madam Satan, Cecil B. DeMille’s Musical Disaster” | KPCC 89.3 on dial | broadcasts Sat March 8 @ noon | streams here

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