Choreographers also feel loss when dancers retire 1


First Flash (020208 Performance) When the wonderful Aspen Santa Fe Ballet dancer Katie Dehler retires at the end of the month, it will be a loss for audiences.

It’s also a big change for her fellow dancers, with whom Dehler has rehearsed, traveled, toured and performed over the past 12 years.

But for three dance makers, all of whom have  created in collaboration with Dehler or have been inspired by her, there is also a tinge of sadness.

Choreographers Alejandro Cerrudo, Jorma Elo and Nicolo Fonte express their feelings about having worked with this special dancer.

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  1. Mark A. Martin Aug 17,2013 12:02 pm

    Perhaps more so than in any other profession, professional Dancers find themselves moving on from continued performance in their careers at a much earlier age than those of other professions. But that isn’t necessarily so… look at Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly and Shirley MacLaine, to name a few, who danced professionally well into their sixties and sometimes beyond. James Hilton, in his novel “Lost Horizon,” wrote that “Age is only a limitation which we so often place upon ourselves.” By realizing that age is nothing more than a self-accepted limitation, we can all learn to turn it around and live in a virtual Shangri-la of youthful mind and spiritual enlightenment. Still, so many Dancers face the specter of moving on from the stage due to such limitations placed upon them by short-sighted Producers and others. However, it is important to note that neither their professional lives nor their very special artistic talents are over… far from it.

    Many Dancers become teachers who help young people and others discover the joys of the terpsichorean art. Others apply their talent to extended exercise routines; and many others continue to dance… at home, in another production or else in their hearts. Yes, professional change is always challenging. As such, I should like to inform Debra’s readers of two very important organizations which Dancers may access online.

    The first such organization is called “Dancers Over 40.” This is a nationwide organization which provides support for mature Dancers and Choreographers. It has special events, programs and other resources which can help all Dancers to continue on with their art. It may be accessed at:

    The second such organization is called “Career Transition for Dancers.” This, too, is a nationwide organization which assists Dancers in training for other professions while still maintaining their integrity for dance performance. There are special events and other resources which include career training, counseling and yes, dance workshops to keep the Dancer in step and in practice. It may be accessed at:

    To all the wonderful, beautiful and talented Dancers and Choreographers of the Past; to those of the Present and to those up-and-coming new Dancers and Choreographers of the Future, I send you my heartfelt appreciation for the joyful, uplifting and inspirational talent which you all work so hard to achieve. Keep The Dance forever alive in your minds, in your spirits… and in your hearts!

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