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A new go-to essay on choreographer Bob Fosse, scribed by arts·meme pal Larry Billman, has just been published as part of the America’s Irreplaceable Dance Treasures series.

Billman, the founder of the Academy of Dance on Film, is one of several esteemed writers invited by the Washington D.C.-based Dance Heritage Coalition to contribute thinking and critical perspective to the non-profit org’s on-line dance encyclopedia.

In his essay, Larry notes that Fosse’s “brand is sheer Americana: a combination of vaudeville, striptease, magic shows, nightclubs, film and Broadway musicals, all based on social dance.”

He continues: “[Fosse’s] stylized, from-the-hip, hat-over-one-eye work is distinguished by its economy (the power of a single gesture), humor, and non-musical rhythm breaks (often performed by clusters of moving humanity—writhing, talking, and taunting the audience or camera—called “The Clump”).”

This laudable on-line exhibition with stellar “program notes” is being rolled out in groups of twenty, to the delight of the dance world.

It sets the record straight on the who-is-who and what-is-what of our great art form.

The latest lot of twenty to be published, Larry’s “Fosse” essay among them, are linked below.

Congratulations to all the writers included in this great honor!

American Ballet Theatre
essay by Dawn Lille
Asadata Dafora
essay by John O. Perpener
Alvin Ailey
essay by Thomas DeFrantz
Bob Fosse
essay by Larry Billman
essay by Dawn Lille
Erick Hawkins
essay by Renata Celichowska
The Charleston
essay by Dawn Lille
Hanya Holm
essay by Tresa Randall
Mikhail Baryshnikov
essay by Stephanie Thibeault
New York Public Library Dance Division
essay by Imogen Sara Smith
Lucia Chase
essay by Dawn Lille
Alwin Nikolais
essay by Ted Bain
Dance Theatre of Harlem
essay by Thomas DeFrantz
Eleanor Powell
essay by Jenai Cutcher
Isadora Duncan
essay by Ann Cooper Albright
Robert Joffrey
essay by Nicole Duffy Robertson
John W. Bubbles
essay by Margaret Morrison
Ruth Page
essay by Joellen Meglin
Suzanne Farrell
essay by Elizabeth Kendall
Anna Sokolow
essay by Hannah Kosstrin 

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  1. Larry Billman Oct 5,2012 10:21 am

    Debra, thanks for noting my work and the Dance Heritage Coalition’s unique on-line encyclopedia. You are one the great friends of the dance artisty of the past.

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