Cirque du Soleil’s big-top eggcellence


We didn’t make it through all of Ovo, Cirque du Soleil’s sweet-spirited show now infesting the Santa Monica beach — in a good way! After awhile, the insect parade started to bug us out. Exiting early, a tad weary, we left behind 1,998 others still cavorting in the colorful carnival.

Opening night in the big tent, which is now spawning its own civilization next to the Santa Monica Pier, was a party. The Cirque-ites broke down our resistance by cramming us, not unlike foraging bugs, with hors d’ouevres, cupcakes, and champagne.

Stuffed to satiation, we ourselves were then crammed into the big tent. So much fun to sit with that many people oohing and ahhing at the dazzling display — clowning, acrobatics, and flying trapeze.  

My favorite number, a relatively simple one, the  red lady bugs with heads budding stamen, lying flat on their backs while juggling slices of kiwi with their paddling feet. Don’t ask. It works. So adorable, fun, such sweet energy, and a feast for the eyes.

Cirque du Soleil | OVO | Santa Monica Pier | thru March 20


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