Lula Washington Dance Theatre rocks Xi’an

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  • Lula Washington with her indefatigable stage manager Terri James.
  • Lula with Erwin Washington, husband/business manager
  • Dancers Dwayne Brown, Micah Moch, Ramon Thielen stretch.
  • Four-piece jazz combo accompanying the tour, plus a fifth wheel. Band tunes up on local instruments.
  • Audience includes a brigade of security guys. Young dance fans peek thru a gate.
  • Dwayne Brown dances. U.S. Embassy representative, Keith Lommel, texts about it to 160,000 Chinese on-line Embassy “fans.”
  • Dancers self-introduce as Charlie Chen, master of ceremonies, makes clever Chinese puns with their names.
  • The tour’s three kids also take a bow. Though pretty typical African-American kids, they’re the object of Chinese fascination.

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