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In keeping with arts·meme’s devotion to the dearly departed, we’d like to add Uncle Julius to the mix.

The great Brooklyn-born, Los Angeles-reared architectural photographer left our midst last year. By most measures, his was a life well lived (1910-2009).

He left behind the visual splendor of his timeless photography, which captures and defines California modernism.

Then there are memories of Julius. Because they don’t make them like that anymore. His charming egocentricity confounded many an interlocutor. But, in this brief snippet, the master calmly describes his craft.

The MAK Center is organizing an architecture tour featuring six modernist residences recorded by Shulman.

Both interiors and exteriors of homes by R.M. Schindler, Richard Neutra, Pierre Koenig, Raphael Soriano and Carl Louis Maston are featured. The tour includes Shulman’s longtime residence.

Tour sites span the Hollywood Hills and include:

  • Lovell Health House (1929), Richard Neutra
  • Kun House (1936), Richard Neutra
  • Gold House (1945), R.M. Schindler
  • Hillside House (1948), Carl Louis Maston
  • Shulman House (1950), Raphael Soriano
  • Gantert House (1981), Pierre Koenig

MAK Center’s Julius Shulman 100th birthday architectural tour | Sunday Oct 10  | info

shulman portrait:  Dan Winter/ LAMag.com

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3 thoughts on “Happy 100th birthday, Julius Shulman

  1. Claude Oct 11,2010 5:51 am


    Taschen published a wondeful book of Shulman’s pictures (a low price as usual):
    “Julius Shulman – Modernism Rediscovered”
    Text by Pierluigi Serraino
    A great book on architecture & photo

    See You


  2. debra Sep 29,2010 5:23 pm

    That is a very nice memory, David. Yours, Debra L.

  3. David Klappholz Sep 29,2010 11:59 am

    Debra is too modest to cite the fact that, a few summers ago, she was one of the docents for tours of Uncle Julius’ house. She was also kind enough to give me — and my wife — a ride to the house so that I could also act as a docent.

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