“Noises Off” at A Noise Within

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bikininoisesoffYou cannot be too hard pressed for Christmas gifts now that Glendale’s long-time theater group, A Noise Within, just extended its spendid staging of Michael Freyn’s comedy/farce from 1982 "Noises Off."  A huge hit on both sides of the pond, the play tracks the backstage shenanigans of a mediocre sex comedy called "Nothing On."

The play within a play within a play runs eight additional performances from Friday, Feb 5 to Sunday, Feb 14 — and it’s a ridiculously good Valentine’s date.

A witty laff riot, a late-twentieth-century must-see, and an entire show built around a gag about sardines, "Noises Off" had us laffing out loud. Of all the good cast, Emily Kosloski excels as blonde bombshell Brooke Ashton with her clear-cut comic timing, spot-perfect physical moves, and … oh la la, her va va voom!

A Noise Within, a standalone theater and rare Brand Boulevard destination that is neither retail wonderland nor auto dealership, is on the cusp of closing a successful capital campaign to move to a higher ground, a.k.a. Pasadena.

Your Xmas ticket purchase may assist the valiant thespians in achieving that goal.

Enjoy "Noises Off."  

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