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tickets_250x251Laemmle Theaters in Los Angeles offers arts•meme subscribers a generous discount for  “La Danse,” Frederick Wiseman’s acclaimed ballet documentary.

Film is now playing at Laemmle Theaters in Beverly Hills, Pasadena and Encino.

Read the interview with director Frederick Wiseman.

Update: Sorry, no more discount coupons. This once in a lifetime opportunity has expired! Maybe in your next lifetime you can enjoy it again.

2 thoughts on ““La Danse” discount tix

  1. Greg Dec 5,2009 9:13 pm

    Hi Debra,

    I have La Danse showing in Washington DC, starting tomorrow 12-6.

    And at AFI Silver Spring theatre on 12-5.

    At the Landmark theater E Street Cinema. I can post the same type coupon link if you can make the deal with Landmark.


    Greg Rice

  2. Cynthia Clarke Nov 29,2009 7:39 pm

    I love this quote from Mr. Wiseman’s interview: “Dance makes me think about ordinary life differently.”

    We at DeafAccessFilms.com appreciate arts meme for partnering with Laemmle to bring us this production. We have posted a link to your coupon info on our website, Facebook, and Twitter, too!

    The English subtitles and visual focus make this movie very accessible to the Deaf and hard of hearing.

    Thank u!

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