Miss Ruth strikes a Denishawn pose in “The Peacock” (1914)

Dance · Visual arts
A photographer’s dream model, the exotic Ruth St. Denis habitually struck a dramatic pose for the camera. Fifty years later, in the San Fernando Valley, she was doing the same thing. Ruth St. Denis, “The Peacock” 1914, photo by J.D. Toloff, Evanston, IL

Clarion voice of songbird Judy Collins fills L.A. night sky 8

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Yes, a songbird, thrush, warbler, coloratura, balladeer … she self-describes as a ‘troubadour.’ But who knew that folk-rock legend Judy Collins is also supremely entertaining, a raconteur spieling salty, even ribald stories all while innocently strumming her guitar? Tonight in a delicious free concert at Levitt Pavilion Los Angeles, Collins lulled her audience like a ...

Donna Sternberg’s 30 years of probing dance discovery

Dance · Language & ideas
It’s an honor to celebrate with choreographer Donna Sternberg, this weekend, thirty years of steady dance making in Los Angeles — her keen and inquisitive nature knitting dance to the real world in unusual ways. Sternberg founded her company in 1985, after working and touring with Donald Byrd, Mary Jane Eisenberg, Yen Lu Wong and ...

Being Judy Collins ~ at Levitt Pavilion Los Angeles

Elizabeth Levitt Hirsch and her amazing team at Levitt Pavilions have outdone themselves. We so look forward to the free concert by folk-rock warbler Judy Collins in the shadow of the Los Angeles skyline. Bringing high-quality, family-friendly musical fare to our city park – Levitt Pavilion Los Angeles. Judy Collins | Levitt Pavilion Los Angeles ...

Spectral ballet studios by Ruth Weisberg

Dance · Visual arts
Ruth Weisberg L’ANCIENNE, 1978 Ink Drawing on Lithographic Wash 28 3/4 x 40 1/2 inches JRFA #0935 Ruth Weisberg GILLES ET L’ANCIENNE, 1978 Original Lithograph 29 5/8 x 41 3/4 inches JRFA #0936 The deeply evocative body of work entitled “Reflections Through Time,” a career retrospective of artist Ruth Weisberg now on at Jack Rutberg ...

She’s our Yankee Doodle Dandy: Misty Copeland

As we approach the Fourth of July weekend, 2015, we salute the lady in red, white and blue. It’s Misty Copeland, recently named as a principal dancer with American Ballet Theatre and one of only four American ballerinas to hold that prestigious title in our national ballet company. In addition to Misty, who was raised ...

Hepworth’s beautiful “bird” nests in Los Angeles

Visual arts
Concurrent to a retrospective of the esteemed artist’s oeuvre at Tate Britain, on view, a distinguished sculpture, “A Bird Form,” at Leslie Sacks Contemporary in Bergamont Station, Santa Monica. “Barbara Hepworth: Sculpture for a Modern World” opens at the Tate this week, the first major Barbara Hepworth exhibition in London for almost 50 years. It ...

Review: Lucinda Childs’ “Available Light” @ Disney Hall 6

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It was the silver-mesh curtain draped across Disney Hall’s “McFries” pipe organ that gave the performance its first “wow” moment. Almost as though architect/set designer Frank Gehry tossed a throw-rug over a messy sofa to ‘red up for the guests. But Gehry’s living room is none other than L.A.’s stellar fantastic transformational concert hall named ...

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker to enjoy Los Angeles showcase

News from our Italian friends at the Dance section of the Biennale di Venezia forges an excellent fit with a major dance event just announced for the 2015-16 season at the Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA in Los Angeles. The Biennale announced that choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker will be awarded the ...

Stellar dance company keeps Martha Graham forever young

Wow, Martha Graham. Your excellence, exactitude and relevance entered a new era as the vigorous and beautifully trained dancers of Martha Graham Dance Company simply shined in a well-selected repertory evening, Saturday, at Valley Performing Arts Center. Onto the generous and beautifully lit VPAC stage, before a notably rapt, sold-out audience, paraded the latest crop ...