Jason Moran, in a Monkish mood @ CAP UCLA

“The horn is blowing according to what the drummer is playing, you know?” –Thelonious Monk to Hall Overton, 1959 Thelonious Monk’s 1959 Town Hall concert was an artistic landmark and a personal triumph for the iconoclastic pianist and composer. His pieces, conceived for the small ensemble format, had been orchestrated for the evening by the ...

Corruption, extremism, politics, decadence. Washington D.C.? No, ‘Babylon Berlin’

Berlin in the 1920s was a time when German arts, culture and sciences flourished with immense liberty. It was also a time of decadence. A new German-made television series, Babylon Berlin, features the full spectrum of Berlin life, fueled by drugs and music, corruption and politics, and murder and extremism. Sounds much like a day ...