Terence Blanchard’s jazz message, in cabaret seating, at The Soraya

Trumpeter Terence Blanchard has been visiting this part of the country for years. Starting in the ’80s, he shared the valedictory frontline of Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers with alto saxophonist Donald Harrison. Leaving the venerable drummer (“Our father, who art Blakey” quipped trumpeter Valery Ponomarev), Blanchard and Harrison co-led a good mainstream jazz band. They ...

The subtle art of the New Yorker cartoon in an HBO documentary

Film · Visual arts
Whether they leave readers amused, inspired or baffled, the iconic single-panel cartoons in The New Yorker magazine have been a cultural touchstone over the past 90 years. They power not on a laugh out loud, but on a brain-tickling smile. VERY SEMI-SERIOUS, a film directed by Leah Wolchok that glimpses the process behind publishing the ...

Stones still rolling fifty years later, on HBO 1

Music · Reviews
One full generation’s cultural history floats in the ether now that the great Rolling Stones are marking a half century of existence. When the blues-steeped rock band launched in 1962, I was seven years old — and already an arts journalist. So, it’s my entire life. Last night we previewed Crossfire Hurricane, the 100-minute tour ...