Happy birthday, arts·meme! The little lady turns five. 2

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We’re positively ancient … five years old … and we’re throwing a swell birthday party. Hope you can come by. The party’s happening at Jack Rutberg Fine Arts on LaBrea Avenue on Saturday, June 1. It’s concurrent to the opening of a wonderful art gallery show, “Francisco Zuniga: A Centennial Tribute.”  In the thanks-and-gratitude department, ...

Happy birthday, George Chakiris

Dance · Film
One of dance’s smoothest operators, a suave and velvety mover whose smoldering good looks propelled him to stardom — and an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1962 — George Chakiris, born in Ohio, reared in California, celebrates a significant birthday today. Dance Magazine Editor Wendy Perron calls Chakiris “the sexiest dancer on film ...

Happy birthday to a champion of a dancer named Marge

Dance · Film
Hello New Yorkers! Looking for a way to turn a difficult anniversary into a positive occasion? A beautiful and worthy event will honor one of the Silver Screen’s great dancers and it also supports the Dance Films Association. It’s the DFA’s celebration of Marge Champion’s 93rd birthday with a Show Boat Cruise September 13, from ...

arts·meme a cunning urchin of four 4

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We’re movin’ on up … in the age bracket. The arts blog has reached the ripe old age of four. And life is good. Happy birthday, arts·meme, four years old. As ever, we are so grateful to our Word Press guru, Mark Levine of istarnet. Thanks as well to connection wizard Kent Bulza and logo ...


The world is one-one-one-two today. That is 1/1/12! Happy birthday world. Like this? Read more: 0ne-one-one-one

Happy birthday, Egyptian Theatre!

Okay, doll, you’re 89 years old, but in this town that’s a drop in the bucket! In L.A., we like our ladies well preserved — jowls, cheekbones, and posteriors properly nipped and tucked. So hang on, Egyptian Theatre, you’re a great survivor. And a genuine happy birthday, as well, to the 30-year old American Cinematheque, ...

arts·meme reaches ripe age of three

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On May 24, 2008, two things happened: 1) arts·meme went live, and 2) I stopped having time to watch television. Happy birthday, arts·meme, three years old. Now give us a little smile, sweetheart! My sincere appreciation to arts·meme creative collaborators: mark levine (technology) kent bulza, kamil muzylo (connectivity) elizabeth zimmer (editorial) chris green (brand) doug ...

Happy Birthday, Charlie Chaplin! 1

Architecture & Design · Film
Anyone who trolls mid-city Los Angeles will recognize the wonderful Tudor-style building at right (you can click on the photo). Creative dynamo Charles Chaplin, one of L.A.’s real go-getters, built it in 1917. And, there, leaning against the wall of his very own film factory stands the lovely Chaplin. It’s a pretty proud moment for ...

Happy 100th birthday, Tennessee Williams 1

Two terrific Tennessee Williams shows are on right now, and what a lovely way to gain exposure to our great southern playwright, born March 26, 1911, who would turn one hundred years old this Saturday had he not choked on the cap of his eyedrop squeezer in 1981. But that’s a story for another time. ...

Happy 100th Birthday, Jean Harlow 1

Film historian Robert S. Birchard contributes this story to arts·meme: If you asked the average Joe on the street he probably wouldn’t know the name. The better-than-average fellow with a yen for trivia might conjure that she had platinum blonde hair; that there was a scandal related to one of her husbands; and that she ...