As we melt down, then rebuild: Cherkaoui’s ‘Babel(Words)’

Architecture & Design · Dance
In this arresting moment from “Babel(Words)” created in 2010 in Brussels and now on view at Lincoln Center’s White Light Festival, co-choreographers Sidi Lardi Cherkaoui and Damien Jalet bring their gang of gypsies through a ballet of physical violence that culminates in a gruesome frieze. It’s a vision that should terrify us, were it not ...

Nasty women, nasty men dance with ‘Two Hags’ sculpture: Susan Marshall & Co.

Architecture & Design · Dance · Visual arts
An upright metal grid of cut steel pipe bisects a table, and steel rods — sharpened to a spike — are prepared in rows. The dancers of Susan Marshall & Company pay careful attention to speed, force, and precision, while navigating dangerously sharp edges of Martha Friedman’s new sculpture, Some Hags.  The spikes are pushed into ...

Happy birthday, Barrie Chase! 1

Dance · Film
Wishing a wonderful birthday to a leggy lady, the great Hollywood dancer Barrie Chase. She not only graced Fred Astaire as his final partner, she brought her own strong, vixen presence as a solo dancer (on view in the video, dancing to “The Girl from Ipanema”) to millions of American television viewers in the 1960s. ...

Terence Donovan, British photog who chronicled sixties

Fashion · Film · Music · Visual arts
Photographer David Bailey (born 1938) is said to have given us a visual vocabulary with which we remember Swinging Sixties London. But he didn’t do it alone. Though not as celebrated, Terence Donovan (1936-1996) and Brian Duffy (1933-2010) did groundbreaking work in their own right. All three triangulated fashion photography with movies and pop culture ...

Review: ballerina Wendy Whelan in new documentary 1

Dance · Film
We all have problems, right? In the case of Wendy Whelan, the equivalent of a prima ballerina assoluta if only New York City Ballet had that designation, the problem in dance season 2013-14 was how to gracefully exit the stage and transition to civilian life. For thirty years, the reed-thin, Kentucky-born ballet-thoroughbred reigned as the ...

Barbie art – fall sale

arts•meme friend Judy Ragagli, the creator of this Barbie art, is running a fall sale, with discounts and free shipping of her oil paintings, in celebration of the autumn season. Barbie art fall sale | for special prices email

Looks amazing: Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui’s ‘Babel(words)’@ Lincoln Center 2

Dance · Language & ideas
I’m interested — who isn’t? — in the changing ways in which society is communicating. And I wonder how dance can play an active role as, increasingly, words matter less and the visual (and visceral) matters more. (A very wise man recently told us, “It’s just words.”) So I’m looking forward to “Babel(words),” a new ...

Ed Wood’s ‘Plan 9’ joins forces with marionette ‘Spooktacular’

Film · Theater
Director/auteur Ed Wood’s low-budget classic, Plan 9 From Outer Space, was loathed by critics upon release. It became a cult classic. The cast of the film included Maila Nurmi, credited as Vampira, and Bela Lugosi, who famously died during production and was replaced by Ed Wood’s chiropractor, Dr. Tom Mason. The making of Plan 9 From ...

Jazz for angels and others at Angel City Jazz Festival 1

It’s been nine years but the Angel City Jazz Festival, the Los Angeles music conflagration built on bringing cutting-edge sounds to the Southland, has not only survived, it has flourished. Impresario Rocco Somazzi, well regarded for the adventurous booking policy of his Rocco Ristorante in Bel Air, embarked on a week-long series of concerts for ...

‘German Currents’ Film Festival reaches 10-year mark

It’s a decade, this year, for the annual German Currents film festival in Los Angeles, co-sponsored by The Goethe Institute and the American Cinematheque. Fittingly, the program has been expanded to include 10 Los Angeles premieres, peppered with conversations with prolific German directors, writers and actors. Award winning director Wolfgang Becker (“Good Bye Lenin!”) will ...