arts·meme’s TCM Fest coverage announced 1

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The dream team debuted last year — and hit a home run. So… three strong film writers are set to do it again! The strategy remains the same: Divide and conquer the densely programmed, movie-studded long weekend of the seventh annual TCM Classic Film Festival. Pounding the (once-glittering, still star-studded) sidewalks of Hollywood Boulevard and ...

The new normal: the Stones play La Habana 2

Language & ideas · Music
A super-special expression of a new reality. As native Britons, the Rolling Stones have never been particularly hamstrung by America’s culture-throttling 50-year trade embargo on Cuba. But with so many ties to the U.S. market (indeed with band members in residence here), they’ve surely been circumspect. Spreading the wild winds of Western civilization at the ...

REVIEW: ‘Remembering Water’ from String Theory

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Everything about “Remembering Water,” a fully integrated dance-and-rock-music pageant presented by Los Angeles-based String Theory, and repeated next weekend at Santa Monica’s charming Miles Playhouse, is pure joy. Spooling through 13 staged songs for a nicely compact 65 minutes, the highly versatile and handsome troupe of eleven (seven musicians, four dancers) radiate a spontaneous pleasure ...

Fonda & Friend feted by Pasadena Playhouse

The inestimable Jane Fonda, two times an Oscar winner and an inspirational figure to many women, together with her significant other, record producer Richard Perry, will be honored at an annual fundraiser at the historic Pasadena Playhouse. Billed as “the best party in Pasadena,” this happy occasion merits a wish, You go girl! And you ...

Rocking the aerial ballet: Luminario’s ‘LedZAerial’

Dance · Music
I Can't Quit You trapeze
Let’s sound that out: led-zair-ee-yall. Otherwise entitled LedZAerial, Luminario Ballet‘s massively fun ballet-and-aerial dance pageant which throbs to the music of Led Zeppelin, including the ever popular Kashmir. Kind of the Ravel Bolero of our time. Luminario artistic director Judith FLEX Helle clearly takes instructions from the rock world’s seminal heavy-metal band literally. She’s created a ...

The vampire lurches to a live score: NOSFERATU @ Villa Aurora

Film · Music
Markus Horn, known for his intense symbiosis of film and music made clear in his score for Fritz Lang’s Metropolis has done it again. With Nosferatu he presents his second soundtrack to a German silent classic, which opens this year’s San Luis Obispo International Film Festival. Now the house on haunted hill gets its turn. ...

John Clayton’s jazz continuum prospers 1

Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra
above: jazz musicians John Clayton, Jeff Hamilton, Jeff Clayton The California Jazz Foundation has been investing in the jazz community for a decade, with a generous track record of financial, counseling and material aid to 200 musicians in need. The Foundation doesn’t take its role, especially as an aid organization, lightly. “Give the Band a ...

The Mikado gets a transfusion: Robert Allan Ackerman’s BLOOD 1

Reviews · Theater
David Bowie would be proud. Within opening minutes of Robert Allan Ackerman’s highly original work of musical theater — it is promoted as a political thriller, to which we say pish tosh — this alluring and initially repellent (he grows on you) figure of glam rock played by Takaaki Hirakawa commands center stage of the ...

Ronald K. Brown, Jason Moran collaboration soon at The Broad

Photo: ©Julieta Cervantes
Looking forward to upcoming performances by Evidence, A Dance Company, at the Broad Stage, which will showcase three works choreographed by Ronald K. Brown, company artistic director and winner of the 2015 Doris Duke Award for Dance. Brown has created works for Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Ailey II, Cleo Parker Robinson Ensemble, and The ...

CBS morning show salutes MoMA film preservation effort

A wonderful segment of CBS This Morning, devoted to the assiduous efforts by film curators, technicians, and other professionals of The Museum of Modern Art, toiling to restore gone-missing movies, scanning and cleaning cans of  crumbling celluloid to pristine, viewable condition. Curators Raj Roy and Dave Kehr, interviewed at MoMA’s off-site film facility in eastern ...