arts•meme’s formidable flock of female facebook friends

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Yes, arts•meme has a Facebook “fan” page. We now have 372 fans on Facebook. That’s fantastic. Lately, however, we attracted a very cool line-up of new “likes” — all wonderful women working in the arts. It is noteworthy. Rose Eichenbaum Dance photographer, author, lecturer Melissa Silverstein Publisher, “Women & Hollywood” blog Shea New Producer, “Dance ...

Amiri Baraka visits Los Angeles, raps about art

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It was inspiring to eavesdrop on Amiri Baraka, the poet, playwright, essayist, intellectual, and political activist, as he swapped kitchen table banter about life and art with his daughter, the academic and curator, Dr. Kellie Jones. The tête-à-tête took place before an SRO audience at the Hammer’s Billy Wilder Theater. It was the closing day ...

Experimental films by Topanga Canyon creatives @ Los Angeles Filmforum

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An upcoming program at Los Angeles Filmforum — screening experimental and avant-garde film and video art, documentaries, and experimental animation — captures my interest. It’s the ninth installment of Filmforum director Adam Hyman’s extensive and rigorous 24-program exhibition of experimental films made in L.A. between 1945 and 1980. This survey fits neatly into the time ...

The courage of Sara Wookey 4

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The subject is the so-called performance art featuring nude dancers on display as dinner-party decorations at the Museum of Contemporary Art’s fundraising gala in mid-November. Some poked heads thru tables as patrons dined; others lay inert with skeletons draped on their bodies. All women decorating tabletops, mind you. No men. It’s a tired idea that ...

arts·meme exclusive: Ronni Chasen first anniversary murder slideshow

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We lived through ’em all — OJ murder, freeway chase, and trial; Rodney King beating and ensuing riot; Northridge earthquake, and the endless parade of pulpy misdeeds that happen in Los Angeles all the time. But none of it, not a one, could top the Ronni Chasen murder last November for its undiluted brand of ...

Serenade: C’est un ballet abstrait.

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Everything sounds better in French. That’s a given. But beyond sounding beautiful, the lovely and poetic program note posted below tackles the hard job of putting the ephemeral into words. What’s the subject? “Serenade,” a ballet that in its making, and in the viewing of it, touches God. C’est un ballet abstrait. C’est- á-dire, sans intention ...

Why art matters: Eiko & Koma and photographer Johan Elbers on lower Manhattan sand dune in 1980 2

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Photo featured in Eiko & Koma: Time is not Even, Space is Not Empty Photo credit: (c)Johan Elbers (1980)   Like this? Read more: Eiko & Koma’s “Event Fission” at the landfill created for the World Trade Center, 1980

Eyman hits a bull’s eye; his “Empire of Dreams” wins prestigious theater book award

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Not just because he’s a friend of arts•meme, and a fellow toiler in the bowels of Brigham Young University’s Harold B. Lee Library, the resting place of the massive Cecil B. DeMille archives… [… a humongous trove of cinema-memorabilia prodigiously overseen by archivist James d’Arc...] The well regarded film historian, Scott Eyman (Lion of Hollywood: ...

The Juilliard School tells you everything you always wanted to know about Swan Lake but were afraid to ask

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The survival, let alone the mystique, of the ballet, Swan Lake, is a phenomenon few would have predicted at its premiere in Moscow in 1877 — which was a flop. Wikipedia notes [with added commentary]: The premiere of Swan Lake on March 4, 1877, was given as a benefit performance for the ballerina Pelageya Karpakova ...

At Jacob’s Pillow, with dance writers

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Drawn to the Berkshires by an touching inter-generational mix of post-modern-dance artistry — Trisha Brown Dance Company celebrating its fortieth anniversary year at the Ted Shawn Theater, Jodi Melnick & David Neumann in the Doris Duke’s black box — a parade of dance writers sojourned to Jacob’s Pillow this weekend. We have: Jenny Hansell, Lakeville ...