Despondence emerges in language of contemporary choreographers

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The culture is in severe upheaval; most everyone admits and discusses it. Artists, of course, feel it acutely as do we all. It’s a conversation that best takes place in communities. One place is together with an audience, at a theater. But how to translate these profound feelings, which seem so contingent on verbiage, into ...

Populist Eifman Ballet en route to Southern California

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Choreographer Boris Eifman is the Donald Trump of the ballet world. His fans love him for his provocative, populist appeal while his critics find him unsophisticated and far from coherent. And then there’s the Russia thing. Eifman is Russian and his narrative ballets, while modernist in story line, have the old-school Bolshoi tendency to go ...

Bob Dylan’s latest dream: Nobel Laureate speech

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excerpted: Achilles tells Odysseus, it was all a mistake. I just died, that’s all. There was no honor, no immortality and if he could he would choose to go back and go back and be a lowly a slave to tenant farmer on earth rather than be what he is, a king in the land ...

Chatting with Michael Govan about ‘Moholy-Nagy: Future Present’

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It was nice watching the at-home manner in which LACMA CEO Michael Govan toured the cascading galleries of “Moholy-Nagy: Future Present” during the impressive show’s opening week in February. The highly recommended exhibition of 250 works by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, a visual master much known for photography and filmmaking, will close on June 18. Sure, the ...

Ella at 100: virtuosity, joy and swing 4

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arts·meme jazz critic Kirk Silsbee excerpts his liner notes to the new four-CD set, Ella Fitzgerald: 100 Songs For a Centennial (Verve 2016-00957) At first blush, one hundred songs from any artist seem like overkill. In the case of Ella Fitzgerald (1917-1996), whose recordings number in the thousands, one hundred is just about enough to ...

Kim Basinger, Guy Pearce pay tribute to ‘L.A. Confidential’ director Curtis Hanson

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”He was my friend. I loved the man,” said actress Kim Basinger of film director Curtis Hanson, who died tragically at a too-young age in September 2016. Basinger’s two films for Hanson included L.A. CONFIDENTIAL (1997) and 8 MILE (2002).  The super slender blonde, a down-home stunner, sparkled alongside co-star Guy Pearce in a joint ...