‘Googie World Expo’ slated to blast off at Corky’s

Architecture & Design

If you think Obamacare is gonna ‘explode’ (or is it ‘implode’? … it keeps changing), watch out for the Googie World Expo.

Wow! Heap-big explosion!

The first of a two-day celebration of futuristic mid-century modern architecture and design is queued up for Sunday April 9. Its organizer is arts·meme‘s good friend Chris Nichols, the maven of ModCom and ‘city scholar’ of Los Angeles Magazine.

On that day a klatch of cool speakers, vendors, book signings, and an exhibition of 3-D photography exploring modern architecture and design will gather in that mid-Century mecca, the San Fernando Valley. Look for the group of interesting people in the hall adjacent to Corky’s restaurant (1959, Armet & Davis) in Sherman Oaks, California. 

Free admish! Just show up, and bring all your appetites. All day-dining will be available at Corky’s Restaurant; late-in-the-day libations at the ‘Cork Lounge.’ Most importantly, bring your appetite to learn.

Speakers include architect Frank Escher; author Alan Hess (Googie: Fifties Coffee Shop Architecture); Heather David, an expert on stylish mid-century motels; Victor Newlove, longtime partner in the architectural firm Armet Davis Newlove; Jack Laxer, architectural photographer.  Adriene Biondo and John Eng will top up the day with remarks.

2 pm – Frank Escher
3 pm – Heather David
4 pm – PANEL: Victor Newlove + Alan Hess + Jack Laxer
5 pm – Adriene Biondo and John Eng

interior photo courtesy of Corky’s Restaurant

Googie World Expo | day one of two | Corky’s | Sun Apr 9 | free!

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Bujones blazes again, in new Herrault doc

Dance · Featured

If footage of the late Fernando Bujones (1955-2005) partnering Cynthia Gregory in Grand pas Classique, music by Daniel-Francois Auber, does not represent a pinnacle in American ballet, then what does?

This outstanding pas de deux is on view [see 13:09] in  a new online documentary about the amazing male dancer whose absence is conspicuously felt. The film, “Fernando Bujones: A Celebration of Youth” was made by arts·meme friend Fabrice Herrault, whose tasteful journeys through dance history via lovingly constructed compendia of rare film footage we have so enjoyed, starting with Claude Bessy, Les lignes d’une Vie (Traces of a Life)  and La Passion Noureev.

The Gregory/Bujones footage (she is a phenomenon) benefits from the camera position. Looking down at the two dancers, as under a microscope, an uncanny level of technical perfection is radiantly on view. Technique that melds directly into beauty.

I make a point of calling Bujones an American dancer, because at the time of his career (and I was an fervent balletomane seeing him perform innumerable times), his career was so mangled by American Ballet Theatre that, beside his poor promotion and spotty casting, I always held the perception that he was a Cuban dancer. Neither did I know that Bujones trained at the School of American Ballet under Balanchine. Especially then, that detail mattered a lot. I wasn’t precisely the dance-history stickler that I am today, but I always knew the basics.

When I learned, reading Anna Kisselgoff’s obituary of Bujones (he died in 2005, truly tragically at age 50), that he was fired by ABT during Baryshnikov’s artistic directorship, well, it gave severe pause. Alexander Godunov, another superlative male dancer, a supreme technician, a great, great dancer, also got the ax from Baryshnikov. He too died young. Let’s leave it at that. Disturbing.  

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Marilyn, in red perfection, on auction this weekend


BRUNO BERNARD (German, b. 1912)
Marilyn Monroe At Niagara Falls, 1952
C type print, printed later
Estate signed & numbered ‘20/50’
40 by 30 inches

What a woman. What can we say? This spectacular portrait of Double-M among several now on auction at Julien’s. Bid now, auction closes this Sunday.

Marilyn Through The Lens – A Collection of Photography of Marilyn Monroe | Julien’s Auctions | closes March 26

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Big & fun: Kubrick’s ‘2001’ in 70mm print

Director Stanley Kubrick’s2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY’s visionary sci-fi epic begs to be experienced on a big screen, and now’s the time with a screening of a new 70mm print of the film struck by Warner Bros. expressly for the American Cinematheque. Shot in Super Panavision 70, the film’s larger frame size — nearly double that ...

Thank you for your art and for reading arts·meme, Burt Barr

Visual arts
At this time of sadness over the death of the great post-modern-dance choreographer, Trisha Brown, it stung to learn that Brown’s husband, video artist Burt Barr, too, passed away just last November. I met Barr when he accompanied Trisha Brown for her company’s performances at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival in the summer 2011.  At the ...

Larry Keigwin’s irrepressible dance diplomacy

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The State Department’s on the skids; we’ve alienated the Aussies, the Brits and the Germans. In two months in office, our newbie Secretary of State, who just admitted his wife made him take the job, has placed us at the brink of nuclear war with North Korea. Half the Arab world loathes our unconstitutional travel ...

Jose Limon: America’s great immigrant choreographer

Dance · Featured
As the threat of erecting a barrier on our southern border looms, consider the saga of José Limón (1908-1972), a Mexican immigrant who after becoming a son of Los Angeles forged a distinguished forty-year career as one of the dance world’s most noble and magnetic figures. As a pioneering choreographer, Limón unflinchingly examined life’s thorniest ...

Gwen falls for Fred, but he does not fall back

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From an interview with James Heneghan, son of the great Gwen Verdon … remembers James: “We were walking down the street in Beverly Hills, and I was walking next to my Mom. I was grown up.” “All of a sudden she fell off the curb and landed on the front of a car! “I said, ...

The return of Rodney King

Roger Guenveur Smith’s one-man show, RODNEY KING, features history, poetry, catastrophe and culture — in a theatrical take on a citizen of unsought notoriety. It concerns our fellow Angeleno Rodney King. He who was caught in the national spotlight as the victim of police brutality that ignited the 1992 LA riots. He whose brutal beating ...

Singer/swinger Jennifer Keith’s winning act at Vibrato Grill 1

Styling retro-singer Jennifer Keith doesn’t just look the part — although she really looks the part! With her full-skirted, fifties dress, flowers in her hair like Billie Holiday, she echos the vintage ‘girl’ singer of the big band and swing era. But she delivers too. Keith and her boys, a swinging sextet under the leadership ...