Meow! Bette Davis discusses her dear colleague Joan Crawford 2

bette-davis1-Quotations from Chairman Bette:

“I wouldn’t piss on her [Joan Crawford] if she was on fire.”

“She [Joan Crawford] has slept with every male star at MGM except Lassie.”

“Why am I so good at playing bitches? I think it’s because I’m not a bitch. Maybe that’s why [Joan Crawford] always plays ladies.”

joan_crawford-240x300“[Joan Crawford] and I have never been warm friends. We are not simpatico. I admire her, and yet I feel uncomfortable with her.”

“To me, she is the personification of the Movie Star. I have always felt her greatest performance is Crawford being Crawford.”

“You should never say bad things about the dead, you should only say good . . . Joan Crawford is dead. Good.”

Not a Joan Crawford dig, but I do like this next one:

“There was more good acting at Hollywood parties than ever appeared on the screen.”

February 27, 2017 update

Looking forward to FX channel’s “Feud” starring Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lang as the brawling b’tches, described in this Harper’s Bizarre story here.

Thank you, bettedavisonline, for collecting these wonderful quotes!

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2 thoughts on “Meow! Bette Davis discusses her dear colleague Joan Crawford

  1. debra levine Feb 27,2017 8:42 pm

    Thank you for this clarification, Damon.

  2. Damon Dec 13,2015 6:45 pm

    She never said about 85% of those. Those quotes are from a fictional book called “The Divine Feud” with no points of reference in it.

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